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Emtron ED5 and 8 Button CAN Keypad Package

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Emtron ED5 and 8 Button CAN Keypad package.

This keypad can be configured to control various engine, display and vehicular functions. This keypad has been tested in the most vigorous motorsport environments and ensure reliability and consistency for those seeking the best option in the marketplace. Utilising the CAN Bus network, r the keypad requires just 4 wires and your mounting options are endless due its size mounting solution. The 3 LED lights will provide feedback as to which function is being utilised and the buttons are backlit to provide night time visibility. This keypad is pre-programmed to be plug and play with the current range of Emtron ECUs and the Emtron CD5 display.

The keypad comes with a sticker sheet to be used to identify the function each button represents.