Link G5 VOODOO Pro ecu

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G5 Voodoo Pro puts real magic in your hands and opens a new world of possibilities with the ability to control port plus direct injection, more injector and ignition drives, advanced communications and many more features.

12 Injection, 8 Ignition and 4 multi-purpose (inj, ign, aux) drives (24 total*)

G5 Voodoo Pro can run up to:

  • twelve cylinders or six rotors with sequential injection and direct spark, or
  • eight cylinders with staged injection and direct spark.

Staged injection (where you run two individual injectors per cylinder) is great for applications that require lots of fuel, such as high horsepower Drag Cars, and is becoming more common in other motorsports and street use.

The G5 Voodoo Pro can run staged port injection and direct injection (DI). Having the 24 drives allows you to add supplementary port injectors to a DI engine to supply more fuel to reach your power goals or to prevent carbon deposit build up on your intake valves.

Any left-over drives can be used as auxiliary outputs.
*Requires A, B and E Header Plug for 24 drives

Built-in WiFi, with real-time PC Link connection

Built-in Wi-Fi means you don’t need to be physically connected to the ECU, or even in the vehicle or on the same side of the pit wall to pull logs and make changes. This means no more fighting through the roll cage and digging under the dash to find the ECU, before trying to plug in the cable while not breaking any pins.

Multiple G5 Voodoo Pro ECUs can be set-up on the same Wi-Fi network allowing you to switch seamlessly.

Built-in Global Positioning System (GPS)

Link’s high accuracy, high frequency GPS allows you to log position, ground speed and UTC time for data analysis at 50 times a second using Link’s Sensor fusion augmented GPS Technology.

Dual onboard Digital Wideband Lambda controllers

Dual onboard E-throttle (Drive by Wire)


  • Control any engine with 2 cylinders, all the way up to 12 cylinders, thanks to:
    • 12 injector pins
    • 8 ignition pins
    • 4 injector/ignition dual role pins
  • Access up to 30 auxilary pins (when setup for a 4-cylinder sequential engine):
    • 8 dedicated auxiliary pins
    • 4 shared e-throttle/H-Bridge pins
    • 2 shared wideband heater pins
    • Up to 16 from spare injector and ignition drives
  • Any unused injector/ignition pins can be used as an auxiliary pin
  • All ignition and auxiliary pins are back feed protected.
  • 14 analog inputs
  • 10 digital inputs
  • 4 temperature inputs
  • Dual knock inputs
  • 2 trigger inputs
  • Dedicated ignition switch pin
  • 2 x internal wideband lambda controllers
  • Dual e-throttle, with internal solid state throttle disconnect relays
  • 5v sensor supply
  • CAN 1 input now supported via CAN connector
  • Logging

    • 512MB logging capacity
    • Ultra High Speed (250 Channels of Logging, up to 1kHz per channel, up to 100kSamples/s in total)
    • GPS Logging - up to 50Hz


    • USB-C (cable included)
    • Connect directly to the ECU via built-in Wifi Access Point, or add it to an existing network (Antenna Included)
    • Dual CAN (CAN 1 on CAN connector, CAN 2 on header E)
    • GPS (antenna included)