Honda L15b Terminated Harness Kit

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The Honda L15b has been a very popular engine to use in motorsports applications. Until now, there haven't been any motorsports tuning solutions available so we have developed a terminated harness kit which allows for control over the engine.   The kit includes the Emtron ECU, Emtron ELC1, GDI Driver Box and Terminated Harness. The Terminated Harness is made using Tefzel wire and coated in Raychem DR25. It has been constructed with a firewall bulkhead to allow for ease of removing and installing the engine. The following breakouts exist; -Display/Dash (Powered CAN) -Interior Expansion Harness -Engine Bay Expansion Harness -Electronic Throttle Pedal -Vehicle Speed (Honda) -Emtron ELC1   A base file is available for the standard engine configuration along with the wiring schematic.