Garrett G42-1200 1.15a/r 73mm /75mm Compact V-Band / V-Band

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  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
  • Cooling System: Oil &, Water Cooled
  • Turbine Housing: ,Externally Wastegated, 1.15a/r
  • Base Flange: V-Band ,Single Entry
  • Horsepower: 475-1200hp
  • Displacement: 2.0L - 7.0L

Features of the Garrett G42 Compact Series:

  • Garrett-« G Series Compressor Aerodynamics for maximum HP (10 Blade)
  • 109Lbs/Min Compressor Flow
  • 0.90a/r Compressor Housing
  • Stainless Steel Non Wastegated Turbine Housing rated up to 950-¦C
  • -6AN Water Fittings Included
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) engineered compressor wheel
  • Optimized blade contour with 10 blade count
  • Forged &, fully-machined compressor wheel
  • More power and faster boost response
  • Smaller Wheel = lower inertia
  • Aluminium backplate for reduced weight
  • Twin Piston Rings Compressor &, turbine End
  • 10mm Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing Cartridge
  • The turbine wheel features all new aerodynamics to improve flow and boost response
  • Turbine Wheel features Inconel super alloy construction for temperatures up to 950C
  • Turbine housings are made from stainless steel to provide ultimate durability and temperature capability up 950-¦C ,
  • Compressor Turbine
    Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Inducer Exducer Trim
    73mm 91mm 65 .85 82mm 75mm 84
    Standard Rotation Assembly Kit PN A/R Inlet Outlet Wastegate Divided
    Assembly Kit Includes Super Core and Turbine Kit 879779-5007S 1.01 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
    879779-5008S 1.15 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
    879779-5009S 1.28 V-Band V-Band Free Float N
    879779-5010S 1.01 T4 V-Band Free Float Y
    879779-5011S 1.15 T4 V-Band Free Float Y
    879779-5012S 1.28 T4 V-Band Free Float Y