Honda K SERIES R35 coil kits

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Developed - made - tested inhouse at GODZILLA MOTORSPORT our custom R35GTR coil kit as used in all our other kits are proven to 1400hp at 70psi boost PLUS

  • R35 gtr coils are the strongest COP coil on the market .
  • NO CDI UNIT REQUIRED . wire direct to your ecu .
  • our HI OUTPUT R35 coils have 10% extra output than oem nissan & Hitachi coils 
  • Japanese HITACHI COILS also available in our kits !!!
  • Direct fire tefzel with dr25 raychem heatshrink looms also available 
  • or just coil connector kits if you want to make your own loom 

workshop & dealer pricing available . shipping worldwide also CONTACT US ..


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