BOV Kompact Dual Port Hyundai Veloster

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Turbosmart's Kompact VR02 BOV was explicitly designed to fit the Hyundai Veloster Turbo. The Veloster's factory bypass valve is a plastic unit that becomes brittle and wears out over time. It can also be forced open at high boost levels – significantly if boost levels are increased over standard. 
The Kompact VR02 features a unique design to fit in the tight mounting location of the Veloster's factory bypass valve. The result is a product that is truly a direct replacement for the OEM valve, requiring no cutting or special tools for a 100% reversible installation. Machined from billet aluminium, the VR02 cannot be overcome by boost, and it won't break like the standard plastic item.

The Dual Port provides a head-turning sound when the driver lets off the throttle while still routing an amount of air back into the intake, like the standard valve. 

The Kompact VR02 Dual Port is modular in its design, meaning it is easily adapted from the standard 50-50 setup to either a full recirculating or complete vent-to-atmosphere valve, based on the driver's preference. Unscrew the unwanted fitting and replace it with the included blanking plug.